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Text Box: Strip or Treat 
coming October 30, 2008
Whether you want to be tricked or treated, Madame G has the hunk for you.  Join the party at Heavenly Hunks on Halloween night for their annual Strip or Treat bash and enjoy the scrumptious eye candy.
When Sophia Walkerís black sheep aunt, Madame G, needs help running her male strip club, Sophia drops her less than ideal life in Atlanta and heads for Nashville.  Only nothing in her carefully planned life has prepared her for the sexy treat she encounters.  Namely Gray Erickson, her auntís yummy bartender.
For Gray Erickson, no price seems too high for removing a drug dealer from the streets.  But, taking his clothes off on stage with hundreds of women watching isnít something heís willing to do.  At least, not until a frightened Sophia whacks him over the head so hard it leaves him senseless.  Literally.  
Frustrated by her failure to procure a lead stripper and refusing to fail her aunt, Sophia stretches the truth and convinces Gray that heíd agreed to fill in for Strip or Treat.  
One problem:  Gray canít dance.  
Sophia gives Grayís stripping lessons.  But when the practice stripping sessions lead into the teacher becoming the willing apprentice, whatís a poor girl to do but fall in love? 



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ISBN: 9781419914522  $6.49

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Jana's first book with Ellora's Cave is called Her Last Fling and is a fun tale of a woman who no longer wants to be 'free milk'. Katy's looking for the real thing--a gorgeous hunk to buy the cow. Her hero is just that guy--or is he? Because truth is, all Noah's looking for is a good time fling. So how's Katy going to convince him to wipe off his milk mustache and realize what they have is so much more than just sexual attraction ?

Reviews for Her Last Fling:

In her debut novel, HER LAST FLING, Jana Mercy will have you rocking with laughter, smiling, and just enjoying the romance of Noah and Katy.  ~ ~ ~ Romance Junkies  4.5  

My one hope is that while writing HER LAST FLING, Ms. Mercy recognized the scope of her characters and taking pity on her readers will give us future books featuring each and every one of them.  This book is a keeper:  until the next installment comes out we can content ourselves with reading HER LAST FLING again and again!  ~ ~ ~ Simply Romance Reviews A+ Outstanding Read

A lot of chemistry and plenty of steam between the two make the tale a fun and sassy read...Ms. Mercy drives her point home with lots of laughs along the way.  Why only get free milk when you can get your own cream and butter if you have your own cow?  So don't borrow!  Buy a copy of HER LAST FLING to get that personal taste!  ~ ~ ~ Literary Nymphs 4 Nymphs

The book flowed with no stopping points. I did not want to put it down.  It kept my interest until, literally, the last page.  I did not want the story to end.  I became so involved with their story that the ending, as well written as it was, was a disappointment.  I highly recommend this book.  Kudos, Ms. Mercy, you have a winner on your hands.  ~ ~ ~ The Romance Studio 5 hearts